Combat Technology Research Group

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Combat Technology Research Group

The Combat Technology Research Group, or CTRG for short, is a specialized faction within ANZUS that focuses on combat and combat situations. CTRG is a whitelisted faction on ANZUS, and focuses primarily in assisting other groups as CTRG contains the best of the best combat players, and is only open to the best. CTRG can align to any group on the server, including Law Enforcement. CTRG assists to level the playing field of combat players, and will align with groups for Major Crimes, Cartel/Mobster Takeover and even Gang Wars.

How to Join CTRG

Where to apply

Members of the community who excel in Combat may apply to CTRG on the forums under the "Combat Technology Research Group" section on the forums. Good qualities such as Teamwork, good knowledge of ARMA and the server, as well as great combat skills are all qualities that CTRG Command looks at people for when reviewing applicants.

For anyone wishing to apply to CTRG, please allow up to 21 days for your application to be reviewed by a member of CTRG Command. Applying to CTRG doesn't guarantee entry into CTRG.

Application Requirements

The requirements for applying to CTRG is as follows

- Must be 16 years or older to apply for CTRG

- Must follow the application template, and cannot edit it in any way

- All questions on the template must be answered, none can be left blank

- If your previous CTRG application has been denied, you must wait 30 days before creating another application.

- Extreme Familiarity with ANZUS & ARMA 3 (Modded Vehicles, Modded Weapons, Combat, etc)

- You must have a stable bank account (You must be able to purchase your own gear, vehicles etc)

- Must have a good understanding of what CTRG is and what they do.

CTRG - Explained in Depth


Combat Technology Research Group can align with any group on the server, while aligning with a group, CTRG will share initiation with that group. CTRG also has the ability to work solo by themselves, in which case they will not share initiation unless aligned with a group.

If CTRG is aligned with a group, you will be able to see this by checking the bottom right of your screen while playing on ANZUS. When CTRG aligns or un-aligns with a group, a server while notification will be broadcast, as long as an image of their uniform.

When CTRG is aligned with a specific group, that group will still have to wear their uniform, however CTRG will always be identifiable through their dark gray and black camo.

Some of the activities that CTRG can align with are:

LEOS: Gang on LEO fights, Specialized Operations, Major Crimes and more Gangs: Legal/Illegal Run Protection, Capture Zones, Conflict, Major Crimes and more

You may align with CTRG by contacting one of their members through the phone book while playing on ANZUS.