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Auto Crafter

The auto crafter is an upgrade available to the Warehouse. It allows you to put items into the crafter and then leave your warehouse and carry on with other day-to-day tasks whilst the autocrafter bench does the work. The items will then be submitted into the autocrafter inventory for collection.

To access the auto-crafter inventory, the auto-crafter must be turned off.


To make the auto crafter go faster, you need to have power to your autocrafting bench. You can look at the current warehouse power levels at the power panel next to the garage doors. The auto-crafter depends on a variety of variables, but typically, it should take about 1000watts of power to craft a single item.

  • Residential Power: Default connection to the residential power network, always exists.
  • Oil Power: Pay to activate oil burning at the State Gasoline Reserves.
  • Nuclear Power: For gang warehouses, occupy the nuclear power plant to get nuclear power, or for personal warehouses, be part of a gang that occupies the nuclear power plant.
  • Cuban Interconnector: For gang warehouses, Take advantage of Cuban power stations by occupying Cuba.