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Gang Wars Introduction

Gang Wars is a bi-weekly event which is held every 2 weeks on a Saturday for people located in the US/EU and Sunday for people in NZ/AU. This is an event which is streamed over on twitch at This event is hosted for the whole community to view over on his twitch channel, with other ANZUS streamers showing their point of view (POV) as they attend this awesome event.

Gang Wars - Explained in Depth

How it works

Gang Works by putting each gang against each other in a Kill on Sight (KOS) zone, with the last team standing taking home the trophy.

Gang Wars starts by creating a red circle that is randomly placed on the map which is defined as the area of play. Prior to the first zone, players cannot kill each other until the first zone "activates". Once the first zone is created, teams of no more than 10 members must move into, the first zone allows players 6 minutes to get into the zone. Once this zone "activates", then anyone who is outside of the zone, or leaves the zone once in it will be killed automatically.

Once the first zone activates, all teams within the circle have 5 minutes to fight it out to the death, with combat being allowed anywhere within the zone. After the 5 minutes has elapsed, players are permitted to leave the zone as the zone will slowly move across the map to another location.

Once the zone has started to move, players will have 5 minutes to move into the zone. After the 5 minutes the zone will activate and players will have 5 minutes to fight it out. Each time the zone moves, the zone will get slightly smaller, forcing teams to move closer to each other causing massive fights between multiple groups at once. Once there is only 1 team left, that team will win Gang Wars for that specific week.

Periodically, special gang wars will be hosted with specific rules, vehicles and weapons that can be used. An example of a special event gang wars is Shotgun/Sanchez Wars where all players must use the sanchez (motorbike) and a shotgun to take out other players, while all other vehicles and weapons are removed from play.

You must be in an official gang to participate in Gang Wars, however sometimes non-official groups who are showing good roleplay and good experiences on the server who are not official will be permitted to play in these gang wars. You can apply to become a official gang here: (Please note that applying to become a official gang has requirements, which can be viewed here:

Once all members from a team are eliminated, that Team is eliminated from gang wars.

Gang War Rules

1. Only vehicles that can be used are cars.
2. Only equipment that can be used is weapons that can be purchased directly from the Gang Wars shop.
3. You may only use your official gang uniform, no custom helmets or other equipment. If you don't have an official gang uniform, your gang must wear all the same uniform/vest.
4. Only publicly accessible buildings may be used to hide within. (No houses or anything that requires special items/whitelisting to access such as PD buildings)
5. Donuts are the only stat increasing consumable allowed to be used during Gang Wars.
6. 1 Car per 3.5 team members
7. Combat reviving your own team is allowed.
8. Everyone participating in Gang Wars must be able to provide a full, unedited recording of your POV if requested by Staff.
9. Coming into the Official Twitch Stream for Gang Wars to complain about Gang Wars will result in you not being able to participate in Gang Wars.


The following has respective TeamSpeak tags that can be awarded for participating in Gang Wars to specific people. Only 1 person can be awarded each TeamSpeak tag. People who are awarded a TS tag will be able to keep them until the next Gang Wars, in which new participants of Gang Wars will be picked for these roles.

MVP (Most Valuable Player) Highest IQ Lowest IQ Biggest Balls

If any official gang win Normal Gang Wars (Special Gang Wars don't count unless specified otherwise), they will be awarded a Gang Wars trophy which can be viewed in your Gang Warehouse if one is owned.

Another reward for Official Gangs is that if an Official Gang that owns a Gang Warehouse happens to also own a Gang Warehouse on the server, they will win a trophy which can be viewed by everyone who visits your Gang Warehouse. Special Gang Wars such as Shotgun/Sanchez Gang Wars don't award a trophy to the winner unless specifically specified otherwise.