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The Gangsters

Gangsters robbing the National Bank.

The Gangsters of Florida are the top dogs of the car scene of the island. They do however similarly to the Mafia operate under a high level of secrecy and do not appreciate being mentioned out in the open. So be wary of what you say and to who you say it as you might just end up on the wrong end of a drive-by shooting or getting yourself a nice treat of cyanide shoved down your throat.

The Gangsters however are always open to new business ventures and opportunities, so if you ask the correct things to the correct people they can make a very favorable business partner.

The Gangsters are experts at moving large amounts of contraband and if you find yourself accumulating larger amounts of less than legal items you might want to try and ask around the car scene of the island and see if anyone has heard of a way to get in contact with them.

Florida Customs

High Peaks Harvest


Parker Snovle - photo of gangsters robbing the National Bank. Thank you for your submission to the Wiki Photo Competition!