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Introduction to ANZUS Gaming: Arma 3 Roleplay

We'd like to welcome you to our community in which we offer an Arma 3 Roleplay experience. If you have any questions, our staff team are always ready to assist in any way on our Discord, [ts3server:// Teamspeak] or Forums.

Getting Whitelisted

We are a whitelisted community, which means that we ask for a minimal amount of steps to be completed ahead of time to ensure that people who play within ANZUS Gaming are who they say they are and have a decent level of understanding of our server and the rules. The following steps must be completed to gain whitelisting and discord/teamspeak tags.

  • Join the ANZUSGaming Steam Group
  • Create an ANZUSGaming Forum Account
  • Read the Server Rules
    • Take your time to understand the server rules, you will be tested on basic knowledge of them
  • Join the ANZUSGaming Discord Server
    • Note that you may want to wait 10 minutes after this step, as you will need to meet the requirements to type
  • In the Discord, locate the #linking channel and type .link YourSteam64IdHere
  • Join the [ts3server:// Teamspeak] and locate the Requesting Tags channel.
  • Fill out the following template whilst waiting for a staff member to assist you.
    • Failing the test will result in a mandatory 1-hour cooldown before being able to retake the test, so be careful!

Requesting Tags Template

Teamspeak Name (Roleplay Name): 
Teamspeak UID: 
Forum Profile (Link): 
Steam Profile (Link): 
Steam 64/UID: 

To get your teamspeak UID

  • Click on Teamspeak.
  • Press CTRL+I to open Identities.
  • Click "Go Advanced"
  • Your Teamspeak UID will be shown titled "Unique ID"

To get your Steam 64 UID

  • Use a website such as
  • Paste your Steam Profile URL
  • Copy the SteamID64 field.
  • Note that this should start with '76' and be 17 characters long.

To get your Discord ID

  • Click into Discord.
  • Click the settings cog in the bottom left corner.
  • Go to Advanced, under App Settings category.
  • Toggle "Developer Mode" to on.
  • Right click your name in a message you have sent somewhere.
  • Click "Copy ID"

Common Roleplay Terminology

  • Waking Up / Flying In ~ logging into the server
  • Going to Sleep / Flying Out / Taking the Train ~ logging out of the server
  • Moved Here Recently ~ a way to infer you are new to the server.
  • Island ~ a way to reference "the server", ie: "my friend is coming to the island"
  • Government Website ~ a way to reference the Forums
  • White Papers ~ a roleplay standard to say whitelisting, ie: cop "white papers"
  • Soft Sleep ~ a roleplay reference to drop to lobby, typically to apply whitelisting.
  • The Gods / Federal Government ~ a roleplay reference for staff members
  • Eyes ~ a way to reference your game or screen, ie: "my eyes are hurting" when your game is lagging.
  • Muscles ~ a way to reference keybinds, ie: "flex your f muscle"
  • Vacation ~ a way to reference a player ban, ie: "billy is on vacation"
  • WhatsApp ~ in roleplay term for discussing discord, IE: "on the gang whatsapp"

First Time In-Game

Now that you have successfully been whitelisted, followed the guide(s) to get your mods and game set up to play on our server and decided to load in for the first time, you'll want to get to grips with basic key binds, actions and tools available to you.

Spawning Locations

There are a handful of spawns available to you by default when waking up as a Civilian for the first time. The first time you spawn in a city, you can select an apartment location. This cannot be changed, so choose wisely.

You can unlock more spawns depending on your roles. For example, you can unlock a Rebel Spawn using your perk points.

Basic Keybinds


Setting Up & Using The Phone

ANZUS Phone Menu

At this point you should now set up your phone, which is your main UI for the majority of things you will need to do within ANZUS. You may open the phone for the first time by pressing the Y Key which will open the phone UI in the bottom right of your screen, this will prompt you to enter your Last Name, First Name and select a phone number. The phone number will become the number people will see when you place calls.

'Important features available via your phone

  • Inventory ~ shows your virtual item inventory, and allows you to use and/or remove items like food/water/bandages.
  • Keys ~ shows your keychain of vehicle keys.
  • Money ~ shows your bank, cash and dirty money values with a button to find the closest ATM.
  • Licenses ~ shows you the list of licenses you own.
  • Gang Menu ~ shows your gang menu, if you are in one, otherwise allows you to create a gang for a fee.
  • Phonebook ~ shows the list of available people in-game to phone and/or text.
  • Twitter ~ shows Twitter, where you can publicly tweet to communicate server-wide.
  • Perks ~ allows you to spend your perk points from levelling on perks to unlock features and improve skills.
  • Questing ~ shows a big list of things you can do to get extra payouts of money and experience.
  • 911 ~ allows you to send a dispatch to Police or Medics for assistance.
  • Navigation ~ a tool for locating anything on the map that you may need to find.
  • Help Menu ~ handy information accessible in game.

Getting prepared to leave the city

Now that you've got your phone and basic keybinds in mind, it's time to get your first vehicle and a few basic items and head out of the city to either (a) do run(s) to make money or (b) do run(s) to level up. You should first head to the DMV to pick up your driver(s) license, as your first traffic stop may result in you going bankrupt. There are affordable vehicle options in the main city.

At this point, we'd suggest heading over to the closest Super Market to purchase some basic necessities such as a Toolkit, a Bandage and some Food and Drink.