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Introduction to ANZUS Gaming: Arma 3 Roleplay

Welcome to ANZUSGaming, this guide will try and get you started on the server and teach you the best way to go about your day on the server. The server has lots of features and certain complex functions that may seem daunting to start with, but with the correct advise and the help from the players around you it should get alot easier alot quicker.

Getting Whitelisted

We are a whitelisted community, which means that we ask for a minimal amount of steps to be completed ahead of time to ensure that people who play within ANZUS Gaming are who they say they are and have a decent level of understanding of our server and the rules. The following steps must be completed to gain whitelisting and discord/teamspeak tags.

  • Create an ANZUSGaming Forum Account
  • Read the Server Rules
    • Take your time to understand the server rules before you play for the first time
  • Join the ANZUSGaming Discord Server
    • Note that you may want to wait 10 minutes after this step, as you will need to meet the requirements to type
  • In the Discord, locate the #linking channel and type /link YourSteam64IdHere
  • Join the and locate the Requesting Tags channel.
  • Fill out the following template whilst waiting for a staff member to assist you.

Requesting Tags Template

Teamspeak Name (Roleplay Name): 
Teamspeak UID: 
Forum Profile (Link): 
Steam Profile (Link): 
Steam 64/UID: 

To get your teamspeak UID

  • Click on Teamspeak.
  • Press CTRL+I to open Identities.
  • Click "Go Advanced"
  • Your Teamspeak UID will be shown titled "Unique ID"

To get your Steam 64 UID

  • Use a website such as
  • Paste your Steam Profile URL
  • Copy the SteamID64 field.
  • Note that this should start with '76' and be 17 characters long.

To get your Discord ID

  • Click into Discord.
  • Click the settings cog in the bottom left corner.
  • Go to Advanced, under App Settings category.
  • Toggle "Developer Mode" to on.
  • Right click your name in a message you have sent somewhere.
  • Click "Copy ID"

Setting up Task Force Radio

ANZUS does not use vanilla VOIP that you find in the standard Arma 3 game and most Altis Life servers, we use Task Force Radio, a TeamSpeak 3 plugin you will most commonly associate with Milsim communities.

Please note, we currently do not support TeamSpeak 5, and you will have to download TeamSpeak from the page you can find here.

Here is a guide on how to install our new Task Force Radio plugin that we deployed with the 6.5 update.

The server will not let you join without TeamSpeak open and TFAR enabled. You cannot have two instances of TeamSpeak running whilst TFAR is activated.

Creating a Character

Once you have joined the server for the first time, you will have the option to create a character. Your character name needs to be unique and needs to be sensible.

You will have the option to create a prison lifer, we do not recommend that you make your first character a prison lifer as it is an entirely different experience to the traditional non-lifer character.

Your backstory is only visible to you and staff, you do not have to put effort into your backstory and can simply put N/A if you want to.

Your first time on the server

You can view the hotkeys and keybinds on the server here.