Illegal Activities

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Illegal Activities

Any runs or activities that encroach on the Montana Criminal Code are illegal. Partaking in crime puts you at risk of being cited or arrested for your offenses, which will stay on your record permanently. However, the more you know about the laws of Montana, the more you can prepare yourself to pursue an illegal activity.

Some illegal activities can generate a reputation for your gang. Gain enough "rep" in one area, and your group will own the corresponding turf.

Minor Crime


The most straightforward way to make quick money is to stick up a gas station. With a firearm in hand, you can rob several different types of stores for the money in the register. Beware, most stores have a hidden alarm that alerts the police. You will want to make a quick getaway or have something to negotiate for a quick escape.


Grabbing drugs, cash, and/or weapons by fistfuls is a sure way to make a quick profit. A lot of looting spots are red zones, so come prepared and be on watch.

You can learn more about minor crimes here.

Major Crimes

Police will prioritize major crime responses over minor crime so prepare to negotiate and/or battle it out. Be aware, you will be outnumbered!

Most major crimes are orientated around robbery whether it be cash or unique valuables with an enticing market price. Find out more on the major crime page.

Illegal Mining

Illegal mining is more profitable than its legal counterpart though, as you might have guessed, it carries more risk. A few prime examples include:

  • Uranium
  • Blood Diamonds

More details can be found on the illegal mining page.

Illegal Drugs

Drug runs are typically require farming or gathering. The street price varies for each making some illicit substance operations more valuable and worthwhile than others. A few popular runs include:

  • Weed
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine

More details can be found on the illegal drugs page.