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Illegal Drugs

Drug runs typically require farming or gathering. The street price varies for each making some illicit substance operations more valuable and worthwhile than others.

The legality of these runs can be reviewed in the Criminal Code or the State Legislature.

Gangs owning the "Drugs" cartel zone request a fee per backpack of drugs processed at static processors.

Drug Trading

Processed drugs can be sold to static traders such as the Drug Dealer or to players.

Drug Slinging

Drug signing operates much like Uber Eats or Doordash, only you're delivering drugs, not food. Each drug can be packaged and prepared for customers around the island. Selling drugs in residential areas will return dirty money and "gang rep" for that turf, where applicable.

Mexican Cigars

All varieties of cigars start with tobacco: a legal run. Through further processing, more profitable products can be made.


Tobacco and ungraded cigar runs are the first steps to producing Mexican or Laced Cigars. These steps are legal activities:

  1. Harvest tobacco from the tobacco farm fields
  2. Refine the raw leaves at the tobacco processing facility
  3. Craft the tobacco into cigars at cigar wrapping

Grading Cigars

Cigars - Basic ungraded cigars at their first stage are legal to create and obtain.
Mexican Cigars - Grading your cigars creates Mexican Cigars. Once graded, they are illegal to possess.

Cigars can be graded and turned into Mexican Cigars at the Cigar Grader.

Cases of Cigars

Case of Mexican Cigars - Combining timber and Mexican Cigars at a workbench creates cases.

Cases of Mexican Cigars can be sold via Weed Maps.

Lacing Cigars

Cocaine Laced Cigars - Adding cocaine to Mexican Cigars creates Cocaine Laced Cigars. Possession is illegal and they carry a greater penalty than unlaced Mexican Cigars.
Meth Laced Cigars - Adding meth to Mexican Cigars creates Meth Laced Cigars.

Any type of Laced Cigar is illegal and carries a greater penalty than unlaced Mexican Cigars.

Cigars can be combined with other drugs to improve their buffs and value. While selling Laced Cigars at Lacy's Market is the best profit from a tobacco-based run, some may smoke their cigars for the perks. Cocaine laces cigars offer a speed boost in return for great thirst. Meth-laced cigars offer a different benefit; the higher the purity of meth used to lace the cigar, the better the profit and perks offered.


Growing Marijuana

Marajuana Seeds - Plant marajuana seeds and wait for them to grow.
Gram of weed.png
Marajuana Buds - Unprocessed marajuana straight from the plant.

To grow Marijuana, you must plant Weed Seeds which can be purchased at Rebel and Drug Dealers. Use your Windows key to plant seeds or assign a hotkey. Plants must be grown away from the processor. Wait for the plants to grow and harvest by using your Windows key on the plant.

Rolling Joints

Joints - Roll joints using unprocessed marajuana.

One of the ways to shift your harvest is to roll the unprocessed weed into joints. Rolling joints requires rolling papers which can be purchased at Gas Stations. Combine the buds and papers in your virtual inventory.

Processing Marijuana

Ico marijuana.png
Processed Marajuana - Process your marajuana for sale.

Use your Windows key at the Marijuana Processor to start processing your weed. This requires an amount of money per backpack to complete. You will receive processed weed in return which can be sold at Drug Dealers for profit.


Cocaine Shipment

Ico cocaineunprocessed.png
Unprocessed Cocaine - Easily recognisably white powder.

Cocaine arrives at beaches in a red shipping crate. The location is a marked red zone. To gather cocaine, press "F" next to the container.

Cocaine Baggies

Cocaine Baggie - A small portion of cocaine in a baggie.

Large quantities of cocaine can be divided into consumer-friendly baggies. Combine the unprocessed cocaine with baggies in your virtual inventory. Baggies can be purchased at gas stations.

Processing Cocaine

Ico cocaineprocessed.png
Processed Cocaine - A processed brick of cocaine.

Your fistfuls of cocaine can be processed into bricks for bulk sale to Drug Dealers.


Meth Van spawn.


Plane crash events offer a great opportunity to steal pharmaceutical drugs; be warned, the surrounding area is a red zone. Using the jaws of life, the wreckage can be accessed to yield a moderate quantity of controlled drugs.

Pharmacies can also be robbed of drug-making resources.

Meth Van

The meth van creates a mobile red zone: players can drive the van to a more secure location before attempting their cook. Pharmaceuticals can be processed into meth inside of the van.

Meth Baggies

Meth Baggie - A small portion of meth in a baggie.

Large quantities of meth can be divided into consumer-friendly baggies. Combine the meth with baggies in your virtual inventory. Baggies can be purchased at gas stations.


Sugar Cane

The first step of brewing your own Moonshine is growing sugar cane. The stems can be purchased at the farming supplies store and planted by experienced farmers. Plants must be grown away from the processor. Wait for the plants to grow and harvest by using your Windows key on the plant.


Moonshine - Freshly distilled Moonshine in a jar.

The sugarcane can be processed at the distillery into Moonshine.

Cases of Moonshine

Case of Moonshine - Combining timber and Moonshine at a workbench creates cases of Moonshine for Weed Maps customers.

Cases of Moonshine can be sold via Weed Maps.


Some drug runs no longer exist or have changed over the years.

Mobster & Cartel

Previously, two zones existed which, when captured, would give ownership of different illegal runs and grant the owner fees per backpack processed. You could choose to deny fees and the relevant gang would be informed.

LSD & Magic Mushrooms

Previously, mushroom spores could be sown to grow Magic Mushrooms. These fungi could be processed into LSD or compacted into capsules for sale via Weed Maps. Taking these drugs would result in trippy visuals enjoyed by many.


Heroin farmers exploited poppy farms to create opioids. This was a lucrative run; the drug itself provided an HP buff.

Moonshine Mash

In previous updates, you could gather premade mash from a mash farm to refine into moonshine. As of Florida 6.8, Moonshine switched to sugarcane farming.


Tobacco and cigars were introduced as part of the Florida update. Quite appropriately, you could craft Cuban cigars in Cuba.