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Illegal Drugs

Drug runs are typically require farming or gathering. The street price varies for each making some illicit substance operations more valuable and worthwhile than others.

The processing of each drug is operated by either the Cartel or Mobster. It's advised to consider which gang owns the relevant bases before denying fees.

Drug Dealers

You can sell most illicit substances to drug dealers with the exception of moonshine (see below). Drug dealers don't always hang out in the same spots; they can generally be found on the outskirts of the island.

Drug Slinging

Drug signing operates much like an illicit Uber-Eats, only you're delivering drugs not food. Weed, meth, cocaine, and mushrooms can be divided into smaller "bite-sized" portions for customers around the island. Selling drugs in residential areas will return dirty money and "gang rep" for that turf, where applicable.


Growing Marijuana

To grow Marijuana, you require Weed Seeds which are able to be purchased at Rebel and the Drug Dealers. This will allow you to find a shady spot to grow your own weed, find a quiet spot in the middle of the trees and then utilize your windows key to plant seeds until you have planted everything. You can then wait for long enough that the plants have grown. If you windows key on the plant you can check it's growth until they are at 100%, which you can then windows key again to harvest. You can then collect all of the weed to decide your next steps.

Rolling Joints

One of the ways to shift your weed is to roll joints, note that this has to be done on unprocessed weed, in order to roll joints you will need rolling papers which can be purchased at Gas Stations. You can then open your phone (Y key), click the rolling papers and press the use button at the bottom of the menu. A shortcut to doing this would be to assign a 0-9 key to rolling papers by pressing one of the top row of numbers when you have rolling papers highlighted in your phones inventory and then pressing that key to roll them from there forward.

Processing Marijuana

The marijuana processor has no set location. You should locate the marijuana processor and then travel to it, locating the sign and pressing your windows key on it to gain the action to process. This requires an amount of money to complete. You will receive processed weed in return which can be sold at a drug dealer for profit.


Magic Mushrooms


Processing LSD

The LSD processor has no set location.


Cocaine Shipment

Cocaine arrives at Kamdan' beaches in a red shipping crate.

Processing Cocaine

The cocaine processor has no set location.




Processing Heroin

The heroin processor has no set location.



Plane crash, pharmacies

Processing Meth

The meth lab has no set location. It is a redzone. Pink smoke.


Moonshine Mash Farm


Distilling Mash

The underground distillery has no set location.

Shady Crim

Sell moonshine to the shady crim.

Gang Houses

Placeholder - a blurb about growing weed and cooking meth in gang houses. Eventual link to Gang House page.