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Illegal Mining

Illegal mining is more profitable than its legal counterpart though, as you might have guessed, it carries more risk. The raw material is mined and then usually refined. These refined materials can be sold or used for crafting.


Uranium is radioactive. You'll need a pickaxe and worker coveralls to protect yourself. This clothing can be purchased from the Uranium Trader. Uranium is one of the few illegal substances that can be requested for priority export.

Uranium Mining

The mine is located on the south-western "Rebel" island. Ensure that you're wearing your coveralls and have plenty of space in your backpack.

Uranium Processing

The uranium processor does not have a set location; it cycles between multiple points.

Blood Diamonds

Also coined "Water Rubies", these valuable gemstones turn over a sizeable profit.

Blood Diamond Mining

The mine is found on a distant island, hence most islanders opt to use a helicopter or plane for these runs. It's worth noting that the grounds of the mine are a red zone; it's sensible to bring a firearm alongside your pickaxe for this excursion.

Blood Diamond Processing

The blood diamond processor is located southeast of the main island. Remember you can always use your navigation app to find locations.

Protected Coral

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Protected Coral Mining

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Oil Rig Capture

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