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Illegal Mining

Illegal mining is more profitable than its legal counterpart though, as you might have guessed, it carries more risk. In some cases, after obtaining the unprocessed goods, you can refine them at their corresponding processing sites. The processor will deduct a fee per backpack processed. The final products can then be sold to traders, exporters, or other islanders.

Look out for matching icons across the map for gathering points, processors, and traders to help locate sites. You can use the navigation app to search for locations.

The legality of these runs can be reviewed in the Criminal Code or the State Legislature.

Minable Illegal Resources

Uranium - Raw uranium can be gathered at the uranium mine by experienced miners. Uranium is radioactive; you'll need worker coveralls to protect yourself. The uranium processor refines ore into craftable and marketable uranium rods.
Sulfur - Sulfur ore can be gathered with a pickaxe at the sulfur mine. Unlike other resources, sulfur ore cannot be processed traditionally. However, it can be crafted into gunpowder in crafting recipes.
Blood Diamonds - Also coined "Water Rubies". The mine is always found apart from the main landmass and is a red zone. The processor cuts and polishes the diamonds for sale or crafting.
Meteorite - Meteor strikes occur as occasional events. Impact sites and meteorite fragments are of great scientific interest; hence mining meteorites is illegal. The impact site is a red zone and KOS.

Legal Exceptions

Holders of the "Advanced Gunsmith Certification" may gather and possess otherwise illegal materials free from criminal liability (provided they do so in the interest of using them for crafting weapons). The sale of these items remains illegal for all.

Aquatic Events

The ocean can hold a variety of valuable resources. Pay attention to your map and HUD for these event updates.

Coral - Coral can be harvested from marked coral reefs. Possession of coral and deliberate destruction of a coral reef is illegal.
Jellyfish - To net for jellyfish, head to the "Swarm of Jellyfish" marked on the map in a boat with trunk space. Note that this fishing area is a red zone and KOS. Use your Windows key to drop a net and wait for it to fill. The jellyfish will be automatically added to the boat trunk.


Some illegal mining runs have been retired but not forgotten.



Doubloons were an illegal run gathered by hand from shipwreck sites and sold to the coin trader. "Somewhere on one of Montana's Islands, a Pirate ship had collided with an island, causing it to capsize. Rumor has it that this ship was loaded with coins made from gold. Search for the long lost treasure and if you manage to find it, you can take the coins and shove them right up your ass..."