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Illegal Mining

Illegal mining is more profitable than its legal counterpart though, as you might have guessed, it carries more risk. The raw material is mined and then usually refined. These refined materials can be sold or used for crafting.

Look out for matching icons across the map for gathering points, processors, and traders to help locate sites. You can use the navigation app to search for locations.


Uranium is one of the few illegal substances that can be requested for priority export.


Raw uranium can be gathered at the uranium mine by experienced miners. Uranium is radioactive. You'll need a pickaxe and worker coveralls to protect yourself. This clothing can be purchased from the uranium trader - the gas mask is optional. Possession of any amount of unprocessed uranium is a crime.

The uranium processor can be used to refine ore into craftable and marketable uranium rods. However, with greater value comes a more severe penalty.

Legal Exceptions for Uranium

Holders of the "Advanced Gunsmith Certification" may gather and possess uranium in any state free from criminal liability (provided they do so in the interest of using them for crafting). The sale of uranium remains illegal for all.

Blood Diamonds

Also coined "Water Rubies", these valuable gemstones turn over a sizeable profit.


The mine is always found apart from the main landmass; hence most islanders opt to use a helicopter or plane for these runs. It's worth noting that the grounds of the mine are a red zone; it's sensible to bring a firearm alongside your pickaxe for this excursion.

The processor is used to cut and polish the diamonds for sale. Processed or unprocessed, possession of blood diamonds bears the same sentence.

Aquatic Resources

The ocean can hold a variety of valuable resources. Pay attention to your map and HUD for updates.

Protected Coral Mining

Coral can be harvested from marked coral reefs. Possession of coral and deliberate destruction of a coral reef is illegal.

Swarms of Jellyfish

The "Jellyfish Act" defines the legality of jellyfish gathering.


Jellyfish are infrequent visitors of our local waters arriving as part of the "Sequenced Missions System"; a series of events that happen once every 30 minutes. The swarms are vast but they do not stay for long. To net for jellyfish, head to the "Swarm of Jellyfish" marked on the map in a boat with trunk space. Note that this fishing area is a red zone and KOS. Use your Windows key to drop a net and wait for it to fill. The jellyfish will be automatically added to the boat trunk.

Jellyfish are animals protected by the state and, as such, possession of any amount of jellyfish is illegal.

Research Preservation Act

Meteorite Mining

Meteor Strikes are part of the "Sequenced Missions System"; a series of events that happen once every 30 minutes. Impact sites and meteorite fragments are of great scientific interest and are protected by the Research Preservation Act. Mining meteorites is illegal; the impact site is a red zone and KOS.

You will have five minutes from the initial warning of an incoming meteor impact before the meteor strikes the ground. Keep a distance of at least 120m to avoid debris damage from the impact. You will have five minutes to collect meteorite fragments with your pickaxe before it becomes un-minable. Once you have collected all that you can, you can sell the fragments.



The Doubloon is a two-escudo gold coin that was minted in Spain and the viceroyalties of New Spain, Peru, and Nueva Granada (modern-day Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela). The Doubloon holds great historical value to the state; it is illegal to possess any coins as they are protected artifacts.

The gold coins can be gathered by hand from shipwreck sites as they are uncovered in the surrounding waters of the island. The doubloons can be sold to the coin trader.

Trivia: Somewhere on one of Montana's Islands, a Pirate ship had collided with an island, causing it to capsize. Rumor has it that this ship was loaded with coins made from gold. Search for the long lost treasure and if you manage to find it, you can take the coins and shove them right up your ass...