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Grizzly Peak's Turfs


Kamdan is divided into segments known as "Gang Turfs". The locations on the map are marked by different colors which correspond to the owning gang. In order to lay claim to a turf, your gang needs to compete with other groups to achieve the highest reputation in the area.

Gang Rep

Turfs operate on a points-based system of "rep". The higher your gang's reputation in an area, the more rep you have. Reputation can be gained through a variety of illegal activities; namely murder and drug delivery.


Killing your enemies is a sure-fire way of showing who's boss. Rep can be earned by killing opposing gang members or police officers within a turf. For obvious reasons, turfs have generated an exception to initiation rules as below:

4.2 - You must not initiate or rob without a valid roleplay reason. The exception to this is when the person is wearing rebel clothing (wearing at least a vest) within a turf (Does not exempt bluezones).

This means you are free to initiate on any uniformed gang members within a turf without having any prior reason besides gaining gang rep. Do note that this does not apply in protected bluezones.

Drug Slinging

Drug signing operates much like an illicit Uber-Eats, only you're delivering drugs not food. Weed, meth, cocaine, and mushrooms can be divided into smaller "bite-sized" portions for customers around the island. Selling drugs in residential areas will return dirty money and "gang rep" for that turf, where applicable.

  • Weed - Raw buds from a marijuana plant can be broken down and rolled into joints. You can pick up rolling papers from any supermarket or gas station. Simply "use" the paper with the bud in your inventory to start rolling.
  • Cocaine - Unprocessed cocaine (not the processed bricks) can be decanted into little baggies. You'll need "Point Baggies" from a market.
  • Meth - Cooked meth can be broken down into smaller portions for sale to the public. You'll need "Point Baggies" from a market.
  • Mushrooms - The same mushrooms that you might process into LSD, are hallucinogenic in their natural state. You can place the shrooms into capsules found at any market.

Owning a Turf

If your gang has the highest reputation in an area, you will own the relevant turf. This is depicted on the map by gang colors and the area's label when you hover over the shaded region.


Turf possession earns you gang money and influence around the island but in return, you have a responsibility to maintain order in your territories. If your gang owns a turf, you receive 5% of all legal sales within that turf as protection money. Keep things running smoothly, and civilians will give you a cut of their transactions for the privilege.