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The land is divided into territories known as "turfs". Gang members can view these divisions by toggling the overlay in their maps.

A gang can gain ownership of turfs by building its reputation there.

Owning Turfs

The benefit of owning a turf is the income produced for your gang bank. Turf possession grants auto-generated protection money from stores within the area provided the turf has been owned for at least 30 minutes. These funds can be collected from the markets by gang members.

Further to protection money, each drug drop completed by outsiders on your turf will request a 10% cut of their sale. These fees can be denied, of course, with consequences to your reputation.

A gang must have >51% reputation to own a turf.


"Gang Rep" is the scoring system for turf ownership. It can be gained or lost through actions by or against your gang.

Gaining Rep

Reputation is gained by actions that benefit your gang.

  • Graffiti your gang insignia on walls.
  • Have a gang member or slinger deliver drugs.
  • Kill a member of a gang you are at war with on either gang's turf.

Losing Rep

Reputation is lost by actions or inactions that hinder your gang.

  • An opposing gang member cleans off your graffiti.
  • You are denied a cut from a drug sale.
  • A member of your gang is killed in a war on either gang's turf.
  • You refuse or fail to accept a gang war.

In the instance that your gang is denied fees from a drug sale or your graffiti is wiped, there is a chance a marker will appear on the person.

Drug Slinging

Drug signing operates much like an illicit Uber Eats, only you're delivering drugs, not food. Drug slinging utilises the "Weed Maps" app where civilians can claim drug-drop orders.

Hiring a Slinger

Gangs can hire 'gang-less civilians to sling drugs for them. The gang will gain reputation from each sale their slinger makes. The funds will go into the slingers' pockets; it is up to the gang to manage their terms of payment and distribution.

To hire a slinger, a gang member must Windows key on the gang-less citizen and select "Hire as Slinger".

The Drugs

Drugs can be divided into smaller "bite-sized" portions for customers around the island. For example, rolling weed into joints or decanting cocaine into little baggies.

Sell the drugs by fulfilling orders through the "Weed Maps" app.

Packaging a raw product will divide it into multiple items; you will get numerous joints from one bug of marijuana, baggies from one unit of cocaine, and so on. Your drug manufacturing level impacts this number.


Spray cans and their "ammo" canisters can be bought from the hardware store; the can will replace your sidearm. Official gangs will receive a custom spray for free; unofficial gangs can purchase a custom spray from the Anzus shop.

Spraying graffiti on a wall will gain your gang's reputation within that turf. There is a chance you will be marked on GPS for other gangs.

Your gang will lose its reputation if a civilian cleans up your graffiti. However, there is a chance a GPS marker will be put on them; this is more likely to occur if your gang owns the turf they are in.

Police can also clear gang graffiti off walls. This will reduce the gang's reputation but the officers cannot be marked.

Gang Wars

Not to be confused with the OOC Gang Wars event held weekly.

Gang wars can be initiated between two groups through the gang menu. Reputation can be gained by killing an opposing gang member on either party's turf. Similarly, you will lose reputation if your gang member dies on either party's turf.

Furthermore, if you refuse or fail to accept a gang war invitation within two hours, you will lose 15% reputation.


Grizzly Peaks turf system as released in 5.2.

Turfs were introduced to Grizzly Peaks, Montana, in the 5.2 update.