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Legal Activities refer to jobs or interests that abide by the Criminal Code. It is important to learn as much about the criminal code that relates to your job or interest beforehand so that you do not risk facing charges. The State Government has organized the “Job Center” as an easy way for unemployed individuals to start a job with little to no experience.

Job Center

The Job Center is an organization founded and funded by the State Government. Unemployed individuals can sign onto different jobs and receive a bonus pay on their standard paycheck. Be careful though, signing onto a job and not completing the job task(s) can be considered as Class 2 Embezzlement, and can lead to charges against you. Additionally, using any job vehicle provided by the Job Center for non-job related tasks is against the Server Rules!


For individuals seeking more of a long-term career, player-owned companies can offer a variety of employment opportunities:

  • Blu King & Red Burger
  • Korella Dinamika
  • Vantage Towing

Information on current businesses can be found on the company page or see #company-advertisements located in the State Government Discord.


Mining is the most popular activity that citizens perform daily. The raw material is mined up, typically requiring processing to refine the material. Then that refined material is sold as is, or it can be used in crafting. Beware, not all minable material is deemed legal. Popular examples of legal mining include but are not limited to:

  • Rubies
  • Steel
  • Earth


Gathering is a similar process to mining; just without the pickaxe. Raw material is gathered and refined. Then that refined material is sold as is, or it can be used in crafting. As with mining, not everything you can gather is legal. Legal items to gather include but are not limited to:

  • Plastic Bottles
  • Tobacco

Hunting and Farming

Meats and produce are essential for the fast-food joints on the island. Hunting, fishing, beekeeping, and farming can be great for gathering experience and also turning over a tidy profit with the right buyer.

More information on farming life can be found on the legal gathering page; for more details on hunting, visit the hunting page.


While morally questionable for some, gambling is a legal option for potential profit and a widely regarded pastime.

The Casino is the gambling hub offering card games, slot machines, and light refreshments. The state lottery and community giveaways are other gambling options.