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Companies are a great opportunity for individuals seeking a long-term career over Job Center positions. The island is home to a variety of organisations from restaurants to gun dealers.

For the latest developments and promotions, check #company-advertisements in the State's Government Discord.


The island's hub has a saturated market for fast-food joints. Naturally, there is a strong sense of competition; most notably between BluKing and RedBurger.

Blukinglogo.png BluKing - Not to be mistaken with the mainland Burger King, BluKing is a family-run restaurant in the heart of the city. As well as reliable favourites, BluKing prides itself on its iconic recipes including but not limited to the Blu Waffle Burger.

Redburgerlogo.png RedBurger - RedBurger is a community restaurant that offers burgers, fries, and exquisite customer service. Whether it's a light snack or a fridge re-stock, RedBurger is ready and waiting with sandwiches galore.

Tip: Most restaurants will offer discounts to on-duty police and rescue service members.


Money doesn't just buy "things". Whether it be a much-needed loan or a fresh paint job for your car, the service industry strives to assist.

Modshop / Customs

Treat your car to a new paint job or a next-tier upgrade at the mod shop. The customs mechanics can offer a variety of services to customise and improve your vehicle. For ANZUSGaming Premium subscribers, custom number plates and restricted materials are available for purchase.

The mod shop hosts entry-level vacancies - no technical knowledge is required to apply. Experienced mechanics can manufacture customs-exclusive vehicles by crafting car parts from local materials.

Vantage towing.png

Vantage Towing and Recovery

Vantage Towing and Recovery is the primary towing company in the locality providing unbeatable service and dedication to both primary and secondary contracts. The primary contacts are with the State Police and Fire and Rescue services; the second contract is with the State Department of Public Works and Transportation.

Vantage Towing services all civilian and municipal needs for towing, roadside recovery, and assistance. Vantage Towing is not just a towing company, they provide roadside assistance to citizens and aid in the primary response for road closures, detours, and or traffic control.

There is never an ordinary day as a Towmen in the Vantage Towing and Recovery!


Commerce thrives in our corner of the world. Where there is demand, a business arises to supply.

Speed Imports

Unique and often exotic cars can be purchased through Speed Imports. Employees have been crafting and selling cars to the masses since the chain's origin in Miami, Florida.

Korella Dinamika

"The company values its customers more than anything else." - Anton Tikhonovich, Korella Dinamika

KD Guns are the largest legal gun producer serving everyone from regular fast-food workers to the state police.

Due to the nature of the business, KD employees and operations are held to a high standard; all KD employees are licensed gunsmiths. The staff is also rewarded with medical insurance that covers any and all medical expenses.


All good things must come to an end eventually. In Anzus' history, there have been a variety of player-run businesses. The following are a few notable organisations.

Brooksfield structure.jpg


This sandwich chain was a more comedic competitor in the fast food industry, run by Anzus' development staff. Soubway was known for being vegan "friendly".

High Peaks Harvest

The source of medicinal marijuana. This franchise was Grizzly Peak's local dispensary offering consumables from joints to edibles for medical marijuana license holders.

Killmore Imports

The notorious Killmore Family founded Killmore Imports. All the latest automobiles made their way from the mainland through this organisation. Killmore imports also offered trades for the less exotic new and used cars.

Brooksfield Saving and Loans

As the name suggests, Brooksfield offered services including loans, saving accounts, and financial advice. Brooksfield chains have been seen in multiple locations, originating in King's Peak, Alaska.

In its history, Brooksfield was headed by members of government staff, senior LEOs, and other notable community members. Citizens often took loans larger than they could afford which some speculate led to the eventual closure of Brooksfield's branches.

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