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Job Center Jobs

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The Center for Employment is an organization founded and funded by the Florida State Government. Unemployed individuals can sign onto different jobs from any Job Center around the island. You will receive bonus payments for completing work tasks regardless of your eligibility for standard paychecks.

Be warned, signing onto a job and not completing the job task(s) can be considered as Class 2 Embezzlement, and can lead to charges against you. Additionally, using any job vehicle provided by the Job Center for non-job-related tasks is against the server rules.

Available Roles

Bus Driver

The Department of Transport offers multiple company vehicles and a transport worker uniform to identify yourself as a bus driver. Follow your bus route to each marked destination, allowing citizens to freely enter and exit the bus before moving on to your next stop.

Citizens can also call a bus to the stops around the island, so your route may vary if another stop is requested.

City Repair Worker

The objective of repair work is to search for damaged objects and restore them to their former glory. This can include but is not limited to; fences, walls, trees, and street lights. Naturally, higher populated areas are more likely to have objects needing repair. The Department of Infrastructure will equip you with an off-road job vehicle and matching hi-vis uniform. Use your Windows key to repair damaged objects.


Tigerwood Courier and Shipping Services supply businesses across the island with goods and resources. Use the company vehicle to pick up packages and transport them across to different marked businesses. To retrieve and deliver packages, you must access the vehicle's physical inventory with your "i" key. Be careful, the packages are heavy and will slow you down!


To start your work, head to the Cropdustin' Cena's HQ at the airport. Retrieve a cropdusting plane and fly over the marked locations that need dusting. Use the Windows key to activate the duster while no higher than 100m over the marked location. Be mindful before you tend to your next location as your duster will need time to reload after use.

Make sure you use freq. 60.3 while in the air, in case Law Enforcement is trying to get your attention. Watch out for power lines and restricted air spaces.

Food Hub Driver


The FoodHub app and related operations are supervised by the Arbosa Inc Family. Use the FoodHub app to monitor orders from restaurants. When orders are placed, head to the restaurant to collect the deliveries. Use the company vehicle to identify yourself as a FoodHub driver.

Trash Worker

The Department of Infrastructure employs trash workers to empty out city garbage bins and collect waste from the cities' businesses. When your truck is full, you must dispose of the trash at the Florida Dump by using your Windows key on the marker while in the driver's seat. Be careful, trash bags can rip if carried too far!

Cargo Pilot

Douglas Air Cargo Services employs pilots to air-drop packages for businesses in need.

Bush Pilot

Buch Air Services employs pilots to air-drop "packages" for businesses in need.

Work Buddies

Some job listings allow you to assign work buddies while signed on. Working with a friend grants you a share of your colleague's reward for completing a work task.

The City Repair Worker position allows for one work buddy to be assigned. Trash Workers are allowed two.