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Hunting is one of the more profitable legal methods of gathering. Be warned, there are certain legalities to consider and hunting firearms can be a hefty investment for new islanders.

See the hunting page for more details.


Your first steps as a farmer are to purchase seeds from the farming store in "Elk River". It is recommended to set up a farm in white zones as not all land is suitable for crops. Use your Windows key to plant seeds, check your crops' growth, and harvest.

Your harvest can be sold at the aforementioned farming store or to relevant local businesses that may offer a better deal.

Money Honey Bees

Honey is a valuable resource in the State of Montana and there are several beehives around the island.

To gather honey, you need to be properly equipped to handle the bees. Head to "Money Honey Bees" and purchase a Bee Suit and several empty honey jars. Each cluster of beehives can produce up to 12 jars of honey, so stock up! Use the Windows key to check the hive and collect honey. Your filled jars can be sold back to "Money Honey Bees" or to relevant local businesses that may offer a better deal.


Fishing is a great way to build experience and another popular activity for fast-food workers. To fish, you first need to purchase a fishing rod from a supermarket. If you plan on fishing in freshwater locations, you will need a 'Freshwater Fishing License issued by MAA. Freshwater fishing without a license is a "Class B Misdemeanor" which could land you a maximum fine of $10,000.

To cast a fishing rod, walk up to a body of water, press your Windows key, and “Cast Rod”. Once you hear the sound of splashing, press F to reel in the line and repeat! You can sell fish at the "Fishing Trader" at Elk River, or check with fast food businesses for a potentially better offer.

Swarms of Jellyfish

Jellyfish are infrequent visitors of Montana waters. The swarms are vast but they do not stay for long. To net for jellyfish, head to the "Swarm of Jellyfish" marked on the map in a boat with trunk space. Use your Windows key to drop a net and wait for it to fill. The jellyfish will be automatically added to the boat trunk.

This operation is considered legal unless any one person is in possession of more than 15 jellyfish at a time. Referring to the Jellyfish Act of 2022, excessive possession would fall under the proposed misdemeanor charge of possession of an endangered species.

Pirate Ship Doubloons

There are many small islands dotted in Montana's waters and it is not uncommon for a sailor to misjudge their distance from the shore. Pirate ships loaded with gold coins can be found capsized on beaches. Salvage the coins from the wreckage and sell them to the coin trader.