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Resource Gathering


Tobacco plants, Nicotiana, yield coveted tobacco leaves. These crops can be harvested by hand from their dedicated farms.

Typically, tobacco leaves are dried before they are fit for purpose; you must process your harvested tobacco at the designated facility. At this stage, the refined product can be sold to the tobacco trader. Alternatively, for a greater profit, the tobacco can be further processed into cigars.

Cigars can be formed at the cigar processor. These items can be sold for a better value at the cigar trader. Cigars can be modified and processed further, but this is an illegal activity.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles can be collected from the dump. These items are utilised in crafting recipes.

Food Items


Hunting is one of the more interactive legal methods of gathering. Be warned, there are certain legalities to consider and hunting firearms can be a hefty investment for new islanders.

Islanders can hunt animals to gather meat, skins, and feathers. Hunting yields can be sold to the hunting trader or crafted into useful items or food by restaurant workers.

See the hunting page for more details.


Your first steps as a farmer are to purchase seeds from the farming store. Growing wheat and lettuce is the best way to gain initial farming experience. It is recommended to set up a farm in an open green area as not all land is suitable for crops. Use your Windows key to plant seeds, check your crops' growth, and harvest. You cannot plant your seeds too close to the trader's location.

Your harvest can be sold at restaurant businesses.

Honey Bees

Honey is a valuable resource and there are several beehives around the island.

To gather honey, you need to be properly equipped to handle the bees. Head to "Money Honey Bees" and purchase a Bee Suit and several empty honey jars. Each cluster of beehives can produce up to 12 jars of honey. Use the Windows key to check the hive and collect honey. Your filled jars can be sold back to "Money Honey Bees" or to relevant local businesses that may offer a better deal.


You can fish in lakes, streams, rivers, and the ocean. Lake Wumbo is a popular fishing spot.

Fishing is a great way to build experience and another popular activity for fast-food workers. To fish, you first need to purchase a fishing license and rod from a supermarket. It is illegal to fish without a proper license as determined in the Licensed Fishing Act. Fishing, in this instance, does not refer to the act of jellyfishing.

To use a fishing rod, walk up to a body of water, press your Windows key, and "cast rod”. Once you hear the sound of splashing, press F to reel in the line and repeat. You can sell fish at the fishing trader or check with fast food businesses for a better offer.