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There are multiple resources you can legally mine, process, and sell or craft. Some materials require more experience to excavate than others.

In most cases, after obtaining the unprocessed goods, you must then refine them at their corresponding processing sites. The processor will deduct a fee per backpack processed. The final products can then be sold to traders, exporters, or other islanders.

Look out for matching icons across the map for gathering points, processors, and traders to help locate sites. You can use the navigation app to search for locations.

Minable Resources

Use a pickaxe to gather raw materials at the mines (or oil rigs).

Rubies - Beginners start with rubies as they require no mining level. Gathered at the Ruby Mine, processed at the Ruby Processor.
Iron - Gathered at the Iron Mine, processed at the Iron Processor.
Steel - Gathered at the Steel Mine, processed at the Steel Processor.
Earth - Mining at the earth mine, you will occasionally find "metal" which is used in crafting recipes.
Coal - Gathered at the Coal Mine, processed at the Coal Processor.
Aluminium - Gathered at the Aluminium Mine and used in crafting. It cannot be processed. You may also find Bronze Ingots by mining at this location with a regular pickaxe.
Oil - Oil differs from the previous runs as it is gathered at off-shore oil rigs. It can be refined at the Oil Processor back on land.

Upgraded Pickaxes

Are you looking for a more efficient mining experience? Craft a higher-tier pickaxe from ingots that can be occasionally obtained by mining at various sites. For each pickaxe, you need to acquire a certain level of mining and crafting to see and craft the pickaxe's recipe and be able to craft it.

Bronze ingot.png
Bronze Pickaxe - Bronze ingots can only be mined with a regular pickaxe at the aluminium mine. The Bronze pickaxe requires 12 bronze ingots and 10 timber pallets.
Cobalt ingot.png
Cobalt Pickaxe - Cobalt ingots can only be mined at the iron mine with any tier pickaxe. The Cobalt pickaxe requires 12 cobalt ingots and 10 timber pallets.
Vibranium inogt.png
Vibranium Pickaxe - Vibranium ingots can only be mined at the earth mine using any tier pickaxe. The Vibranium pickaxe requires 12 Vibranium ingots and 10 oak pallets.
Demonicsteel ingot.png
Demonic Steel Pickaxe - Demonic steel can only be mined at the steel mine using any tier pickaxe. The Demonic Steel pickaxe requires 12 demonic steel and 10 teak pallets.
Starmetal ingot.png
Starmetal Pickaxe - Starmetal ingots can only be obtained from meteorites using any tier pickaxe. Please note that mining meteorite fragments is illegal, but possessing the Starmetal pickaxe itself is not against the law. The Starmetal pickaxe requires 5 Starmetal ingots and 28 carbon fibre.

Tree Felling

Use an axe to harvest at tree farms, not a pickaxe.

Varieties of Wood

Most woods can be processed at the lumber yard, except timber. The different varieties of wood are used in crafting recipes found in a workbench menu. Notably, oak, teak, and mahogany are used exclusively for carpentry; some recipes call for processed or unprocessed wood. Crafted furniture can be sold at furniture stores.

Timber - Obtained from the generic "Tree Farm". Timber cannot be processed in the traditional sense. It can be crafted into timber pallets.
Oak - Gathered at the "Oak Farm", processed at the Lumber Yard.
Teak - Gathered at the "Teak Farm", processed at the Lumber Yard.
Mahogany - Gathered at the "Mahogany Farm", processed at the Lumber Yard.
Rubber - Instead of harvesting wood, you collect sap which can be refined into rubber at the rubber processor. Rubber can be sold to its trader or used in crafting recipes.