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Kamdan State Police

Kamdan's primary Law Enforcement faction on ANZUSGaming is the Kamdan State Police. The State Police is run by State Command, and holds many departments that allow a smooth daily operation of the Kamdan State Police. The Kamdan State Police maintains a full police presence in the non-incorporated regions for the State of Kamdan which do not have their own law enforcement agency.

The Kamdan State Police are to protect and serve the Citizens of Kamdan. Troopers within the Kamdan State Police are taught to put citizens' lives before their own lives in the name of order, and the protection of Kamdan. This is the main objective of the Kamdan State Police, amongst other roles.

The Kamdan State Police upholds and enforces the law of Kamdan, and is directed by the Chief of Police, as well as any administrative orders issued by the Governor's Office, in cooperation with the Kamdan State Police for correct Administrative Order enforcement.

How to Join the KSP

Where to apply

Anyone wishing to apply for the Kamdan State Police may do so on the ANZUSGaming Official Forums. By clicking on "Recruitment" tab at the top of the forums, and then clicking on State Police you will be taken to the application page for the Kamdan State Police.

Please fill out and copy the template as a new topic if you wish to apply for the Kamdan State Police. Applications must be unique and copying someone elses application will result in your application being denied, and possibly being barred from joining the Kamdan State Police.

Application Requirements and KSP Requirements

Applicants wishing to apply for the KSP must be over the age of 16. Applicants who have recently left a whitelisted faction eg. Kamdan State Fire & Rescue, must wait 3 days after leaving to apply for the Kamdan State Police. Name of Applicants must be different from your civilian name in both the first name and last name. Applicants must use the following title *Your Desired State Police Name* - KSP Application. For example Mort Higgins - KSP Application is an acceptable title. Applicants cannot be blacklisted from the Kamdan State Police on any character, if you are blacklisted you must successfully appeal your blacklist prior to applying to re-join the KSP.

After successfully joining the Kamdan State Police, potential employees will be required to sign a contract agreement within Roleplay.

Kamdan State Police Divisions

State Command

The Kamdan State Police is lead by State Command, which comprises of the Police Commissioner, the Chief and Deputy Chief of Police. These individuals are solely responsible for the leadership and development of the Kamdan State Police.

The Chief of Police Alexis Sanchez runs the daily operations of the Kamdan State Police since his appointment to the role on the 8th of March, 2022. Since his appointment, Alexis has made many changes to the State Police, holding bi-weekly meetings and pushing out important standard operating procedures to each department of the State Police. Alexis has many years of Law Enforcement experience, and prior to running the KSP Alexis was the Major of Specialist Operations in charge of Overwatching the Criminal Investigation Division and Special Weapons and Tactics Department.

The Police Commissioner is a role which is appointed by the ANZUSGaming Senior Management Team. The current Police Commissioner Paul Phantom who was appointed the role on the 2nd of June 2019, has been assisting the running of the faction since then. Paul Phantom is also a member of the ANZUSGaming SMT. The Police Commissioner is responsible for liaising with State Command, SMT and the rest of the factions within ANZUSGaming. The Police Commissioner is responsible for liaising with the State Command, SMT and the rest of ANZUSGaming and its factions.

Division Overwatch

Division Overwatch comprises of Troopers who have earn the rank of Major within the Kamdan State Police. These Majors in coordination with State Command assist the overwatch and smooth workings of every department within the KSP. Maritime and Aviation Overwatch is half handled by the Major of Administrative Operations, and the other half by the Major of Field Operations. Majors are also responsible for ensuring their Command members are meeting the highest of standards.

The Major of Administrative Operations is Scott Schofield. Formerly the Warden of the Department of Corrections, Scott oversees and assists with any matters or concerns brought to him by Academy Command, Maritime and Aviation Command, and Department of Corrections Command. Scott Schofield was promoted to the rank of Major on the 10th of March 2022.

The Major of Field Operations Devin Shaw, prior to his promotion to Major on the 9th of April 2022, Devin was the Captain of the Kamdan State Police Highway Patrol. Devin assists and oversees the Bureau of Patrol, Maritime and Aviation and Highway Patrol.

The Major of Specialist Operations, Timothy Red is the overwatch of the Criminal Investigation Division and Special Weapons and Tactics. Prior to his promotion to Major on the 9th of April 2022, Timothy was the Captain of the Criminal Investigation Division, specializing in high priority investigations both into criminal matters within Kamdan, as well as dealing with the KSP's internal Investigation Department, Internal Affairs.

Bureau of Patrol

The Bureau of Patrol or just Patrol as it is commonly referred to, is the main department of which the majority of the Kamdan State Police resides. This department serves as the main patrol and emergency response for any incident that may occur across Kamdan. These Troopers are members who have transferred out of the Department of Corrections, and are fully trained Law Enforcement members. Patrol often coordinates with other departments within the Kamdan State Police for their Law Enforcement.

Maritime and Aviation

Maritime and Aviation was previously known as the United States Coast Guard Station #97. After merging with the Kamdan State Police in early 2022, members of the Coast Guard now operate under the Maritime and Aviation department within the Kamdan State Police.

Commonly know as MAA, Maritime and Aviation comprises two distinct areas that set them apart from other departments within the Kamdan State Police, Aviation and Maritime. Troopers within this department specialize in these areas, however patrol like other members of the Bureau of Patrol. Troopers within this department are issued special equipment to perform their duties as well as extensive knowledge of the water and airspace. Special equipment assigned to this department can include the Jayhawk Helicopter, Diving and Rebreather as well as SDAR's which is a rifle which can be fired underwater.

Department of Corrections

The Department of Corrections or DOC is the department within the Kamdan State Police which operates the correctional facility which houses both inmates some of which are in for life (Commonly referred to as "Lifers" which is Prisoners who have been convicted of a crime and will never be set free from prison.)

The Department restricts both inmates from escaping the Department of Corrections, and is the first line of defense to prevent civilians from illegally entering DOC. DOC is considered government property, and any civilians found with any Class 3 firearm within the black circle that can be found around DOC on your map may be fired upon by the Kamdan State Police. The Department of Corrections is the first department that new recruits or Cadets as they are formally called within the Kamdan State Police start within.

The Department of Corrections has its own personal response team, the Correctional Response Team or CRT for short. This specialist team utilizes specialist tactics and equipment to assist and respond to any major incidents that may occur within the close vicinity or within the Department of Corrections. CRT is led by CRT Command who are current members of Command within the Department of Corrections.

Highway Patrol

Kamdan State Police's Highway Patrol is a small group of Troopers who are designated to policing highways within the State of Kamdan, but are not restricted to these areas. Troopers within the Kamdan State Police Highway Patrol are equipped with specialist vehicles known as "Police Interceptors'”.

These vehicles are specialized vehicles that are built and made with speed and agility in mind. These vehicles are specially used in police pursuits where standard issued Police Vehicles would not be able to keep up with other vehicles on the road usually used to commit crime.

These Troopers are the best of the best drivers, and are the main pursuit drivers of the KSP. These Troopers have priority over leading high speed pursuits, and you will usually see them chasing after high powered sports, super cars or even potentially street racers.

Special Weapons and Tactics

The Special Weapons and Tactics Team, or SWAT for short is the Kamdan State Police's Emergency response team. Kamdan State Police utilize this tactical response team to respond to situations which require specialist equipment and tactics. SWAT often responds to situations such as barricaded suspects, hostage situations and Major Crimes.

SWAT has specialist qualifications such as Breacher and Recon which allow members of the elite unit to specialize in set areas of skill. These qualifications require training and are trained by the dedicated SWAT Sergeants responsible for each qualification.

Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division, or simply CID as its more commonly known, is the Kamdan State Police's detective division assigned to investigations within the State of Kamdan. The detectives within CID prioritizes investigation into criminal offenses within the state, and deters organized crime from gaining the upper hand on the State Police or any colleague agencies such as the Government's Department of State Affairs.

CID also includes Internal Affairs, which is a qualification that detectives within CID can gain entry to. Internal Affairs is the investigation unit for any misconduct or corruption within the Kamdan State Police and investigates reports, takes evidence and reviews statements to determine any disciplinary measures for Troopers in violation of rules and procedures.


Academy is the department within the Kamdan State Police that is responsible for the recruitment and training of new Troopers within the Kamdan State Police. This includes the managing and updating of the Police Roster, the acceptance or denial of applications posted on the ANZUSGaming Forums, as well as providing important administrative help to those who require it.

The Troopers within this department are also responsible for any paperwork or administrative duties that the KSP does, such as training or promotion reports.

Department of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security or DHS for short, is composed of members of the Development Team, Senior Leadership Team (SLT) & Senior Management Team. This department deals assists with both the Criminal Investigation Division and Special Weapons and Tactics in the stopping of Crime and Drugs within Kamdan.

This department is invite-only, and only members of the above listed groups may join this department. This department has its own ranking structure separate from the one used by the Kamdan State Police, however it falls under Leadership of DHS Command and the KSP's State Command.

Kamdan State Police Rank Structure

Chain of Command

[State Command] - Commissioner - Chief of Police - Deputy Chief of Police

[Division Overwatch] - Major

[Department Command] - Captain - Lieutenant

[Supervisors] - Sergeant - Corporal

[Kamdan State Police Personnel] - Senior Trooper - Trooper - Probationary Trooper - Cadet


Commanding Officers within the Kamdan State Police consist of Troopers who have reached the rank of Lieutenant and above. These Troopers have the responsibility of ensuring their departments and the members within their department are operating within their operating procedures and to make sure their departments are operating smoothly. Command members must be 16+ in order to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Command also includes Troopers of the rank of Captain.

A Captain's duties include but are not limited to ensuring good working cooperation with other departments within the Kamdan State Police, ensuring their Command is leading the department and updating any critical operating procedures specific to their department.


Supervisors within the Kamdan State Police consists of Troopers who are the rank of Sergeant and Corporal. Corporals within the Kamdan State police are members of the Junior Supervisory Team. Supervisors are the very first line in the chain of Command, that may be requested both while on duty, and for any questions in regards to your department or operating procedures outside of active duty.

Any issues that may require a supervisor, the first point of contact is a Corporal.

Complaints and Questions


Any questions by members of the public may be forwarded to any supervisor or command member on duty at the time. Questions specifically directed at operating procedures and policies must be followed through your specific department Command.


Any complaints regarding corruption or misconduct must be forwarded directly to Internal Affairs, which will specifically deal with the matter privately. Internal Affairs can be contacted in-game through your phone, and on TeaKSPeak in the "Waiting for Internal Affairs" channel under the Kamdan State Police header.

If you are wishing to report a member of the Kamdan State Police, evidence that is current within Roleplay which requires both a go-pro and wire item, is highly suggested. However, Internal Affairs still accepts and will review statements given to them by members of the Public or members of the Kamdan State Police.