Player Hideouts

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Player Hideouts

Player Hideouts are an elaborate system created for players to indulge in numerous activities within, ranging from legal to illegal activities, but namely also including raids. The entry level basic Hideout can be purchased within the boundary of Rebel Commune, by approaching the bunker at the map marker "Player Hideout Entrance". Windows Key'ing this bunker will give you the option to "Buy Hideout" which will take $500,000 from your bank and provide you with a player hideout. Once purchased you can then enter the player hideout by windows key'ing the bunker at any time.

Bunker Entrance
Fully Upgraded Hideout

Once inside the hideout, you will enter into an empty and rugged looking building which can be upgraded with resources and/or materials found within Raids, which will be covered in detail below. In order to review the things you can purchase for the hideout you should locate the Electrical Box on the wall which, when windows key'd, will show you an option to Upgrade Hideout.

Starting Bunker No Upgrades

Labs Raids

Periodically a notification will go out to the entire server that a Labs raid will start soon, to join the queue for a Labs raid you should enter your hideout and windows key the same door you came in through, also known as the exit door, then select "Join Raid". When the timer expires for the labs raid to begin, you will be teleported into the raid automatically. You must have a weapon in your hands in order to join the raid and these raids are considered a KOS Zone which means you are free to shoot and/or be shot by other players in the raid.

Once you spawn into the Labs Raid, you will be locked inside until you locate an Extraction Point, of which to preserve the nature of fun isn't documented in this article. Standing in an Extraction Point for a period of time will teleport you back to your hideout with any Physical or Virtual Items you have collected or that you took in with you. If you have the stash upgrade(s) then you can store these Physical or Virtual Items in your hideout.

Upgrading the Hideout

Now that you have completed your first raid, you'll find some of the items that you need to upgrade the warehouse. There are various useful items and some that only exist to provide as a requirement to upgrade or unlock others. You can find the "Upgrade Hideout" option by viewing the electrical panel on the wall as pictured here.

Electrical Box for Upgrading

Important Upgrade Information

Generator Upgrade

The generator upgrade is important, as it will provide electricity to your hideout to be used with many other upgrades. This requires Dry Fuel to operate and can be turned on/off. If you run out of fuel your hideout will be without power, turning off other things that may require it to operate such as Bitcoin Miners.


The stash upgrade is important, as it will provide you with a physical and virtual inventory to store items within your hideout. Without it, you will have to take the risk of leaving your hideout with these items to store them elsewhere, such as your home.


The lavatory upgrade will allow you to craft some additional components that will be required for other upgrades, which is why this is important, it is also important to note that the windows option for the lavatory is on the same location as your stash!

Intel Center

The intel center upgrade will allow you to craft some additional components that will be rquired for other upgrades, which is why this is important.

Nutrition Upgrade

The nutrition upgrade is important because it provides additional food recipes that provide various bonuses, these items cannot be attained anywhere else.

Security Upgrade

When you unlock the security cameras at level 3, they will be available through the app on your phone with a purple space invader icon called "Cameras".


There are a lot more upgrades that aren't covered here, however we have covered the upgrades that have special features to them or that are otherwise noteworthy.

Bitcoin Mining

To get into Bitcoin Mining, you will need Graphics Card(s) which can be found through various activities on the island and the Bitcoin Miner upgrades to the warehouse. Each bitcoin miner can hold 15 graphics cards and requires the generator to be fueled and turned on to operate. Occasionally a graphics card may break and can be removed from the rack. Once you have farmed bitcoin you can make use of the bitcoin feature by using the Computer upgrade.