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American Medical Response

Texas AMR posing for a picture.

American Medical Response is a faction of ANZUSGaming which is run by the government. The faction holds several departments, which specialize in saving lives and helping others. These departments allow for the faction to run smoothly and maintain a stable system to deliver effective medical care.

The American Medical Response's primary goal is to make sure the Citizens of Texas remain healthy and safe from any diseases that may threaten their lives. Emergency Medical Service personnel within the American Medical Response put their own lives at risk to deliver effective health care to those in need.

The American Medical Response uphold a system that allows them to efficiently dispatch medical personnel to people in need of assistance. It's directed by the Chief of Medical, as well as any administrative orders issued by the Governor's Office, for any outbreaks that may occur to maintain safety among citizens.

How to Join

Where to apply

Anyone wishing to apply for the American Medical Response may do so on the ANZUSGaming Official Forums. By clicking on the "Recruitment" tab at the top of the forums, and then clicking on American Medical Response you will be taken to the application page for the American Medical Response.

Please fill out and copy the template as a new topic if you wish to apply for the American Medical Response. Applications must be unique and copying someone else's application will result in your application being denied, and possibly being barred from joining the American Medical Response.

Application Requirements

- Applicants wishing to apply for the State Fire and Rescue must be over the age of 16.
- Applicants who have recently left a whitelisted faction eg. Texas DPS, must wait 3 days after leaving to apply for the American Medical Response.
- The name of the Applicant must be different from your civilian name in both the first name and last name.
- Applicants must use the following title *Your Desired American Medical Response Name* - AMR Application. For example Mort Higgins - AMR Application is an acceptable title.
- Applicants cannot be blacklisted from the American Medical Response on any character, if you are blacklisted you must successfully appeal your blacklist prior to applying to re-join.

After successfully joining the American Medical Response, potential employees will be required to sign a contract agreement within Roleplay.

EMS Rank Structure.

American Medical Response Divisions

State Command

The American Medical Response is led by State Command, which consists of the Medical Commissioner, the Chief and the Deputy Chief of Medical. These individuals are solely responsible for the leadership and development of the American Medical Response.

The Medical Commissioner is a role which is appointed by the ANZUSGaming Senior Management Team. The current Medical Commissioner George Cown was appointed to the role in August 2022. The medical commissioner's role is to liaise between the SMT + Lead team on any big changes within the faction As well as the medical commissioner George is also a member if the SMT team and the current Staff Manager.

The Chief of Medical Ducky Atlas runs the daily operations of the American Medical Response since his appointment to the role on April 2022. Since his appointment, Ducky has made many changes to the State Fire & Rescue, Ducky has been with the EMS for a while, watched it grow throughout and hopes to take it forward to great places. If you need help or just someone to come have a moan to, his door is always open, we are a fairly small group and with that, you’re all important to the success of the EMS.

The Assistant Chief of Medical is Johny Bravo, former Captain of Academy. Johny is a long-serving member of the EMS appointed to the role of Assistant Chief in February 2023.

Department Overwatch/Heads

Department Overwatch consists of personnel who have earned the rank of Battalion Chief within the American Medical Response. These Battalion Chiefs in coordination with State Command assist the overwatch and smooth workings of every department within the EMS. Battalion Chiefs are also responsible for ensuring their Command members are meeting the highest of standards. The current Battalion Chiefs are Lily Tanner and James Mantel who were both appointed to their roles in February 2023.

The division of Department Heads consists of two Captains - one for Academy and one for Rescue Services: The Captain of Academy is Shylinn Bunnie; the Captain of Rescue Services is Mio Rowley. Both Captains were appointed to their roles in February 2023.


Academy is the department within the American Medical Response that is responsible for the recruitment and training of new medical personnel within the American Medical Response. This includes managing and updating the Medical Roster, the acceptance or denial of applications posted on the ANZUSGaming Forums, as well as providing important administrative help to those who require it.

The personnel within this department are also responsible for any paperwork or administrative duties that the EMS does, such as training or promotion reports.


Commanding Officers within the American Medical Response consist of personnel who have reached the rank of Lieutenant and above. These personnel have the responsibility of ensuring their departments and the members within their departments are operating within their operating procedures and to make sure their departments are operating smoothly. Command members must be 16+ to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. The command also includes personnel of the rank of Captain.

A Captain's duties include but are not limited to ensuring good working cooperation with other departments within the American Medical Response, ensuring their Command is leading the department and updating any critical operating procedures specific to their department.


Supervisors within the American Medical Response consists of personnel who are the rank of Paramedic In Charge. PICs within the American Medical Response are members of the Supervisory Team. Supervisors are the very first line in the chain of Command, they may be requested both while on duty, and for any questions in regard to your department or operating procedures outside of active duty.

For any issues that may require a supervisor, the first point of contact is a Paramedic In Charge.

Complaints and Questions


Any questions by members of the public may be forwarded to any supervisor or command member on duty at the time. Questions specifically directed at operating procedures and policies must be followed through your specific department Command.


Any complaints regarding corruption or misconduct must be forwarded through the chain of command or via Discord ticket.

If you are wishing to report a member of the American Medical Response, evidence that is current within Roleplay which requires both a go-pro and wire item, is highly suggested. However, Internal Affairs still accepts and will review statements given to them by members of the Public or members of the American Medical Response.


FFR High Command - information and rank structure graphic from documentation maintained by the FFR's best and brightest. Thank you!

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