Combat Technology Research Group

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Combat Technology Research Group

The Combat Technology Research Group, or CTRG for short, is a specialized whitelisted faction within ANZUS that focuses on combat. CTRG’s main objective is to create a level playing field for all groups on the server by assisting groups with special operations such as major crimes, capture points and even Gang Wars. CTRG can align with any group on the server, including Law Enforcement.


Alliance update notification: CTRG have unaligned.

While their ability to align formally with other groups is unique, CTRG may also operate solo.

Server Rule 4.6 - "CTRG shares initiation with whoever they are allied with at the time. They are recognizable by a grey checked pattern on their clothing. (You can check who CTRG is aligned with by looking at the bottom right of your screen)."

When CTRG aligns or un-aligns with a group, a server notification will be broadcast with an image of the group's uniform. Aligned groups wear their usual uniforms while CTRG remains identifiable through their dark grey and black camo.

You may align with CTRG by contacting one of their members through the phone book while playing on ANZUS. You will be offered a price for alignment depending on your request.


CTRG can be enlisted for any potential combat scenario such as:

  • Gang fights
  • Major Crimes
  • Capture Points
  • Conflict
  • Protection detail (e.g. while doing illegal runs)
  • Police Special Operations

How to Join CTRG

Where to apply

Community members who excel in combat may apply to CTRG on the forums under "CTRG". Follow the application template and consider the desirable qualities you should demonstrate for CTRG.

Allow up to 21 days for your application to be reviewed by a member of CTRG Command. Applying to CTRG doesn't guarantee entry into CTRG.

CTRG Standards & Requirements

Basic Standards:

  • An appropriate CTRG name
  • Must be 16 years or older
  • You must have a stable bank account (You must be able to purchase your gear, vehicles etc)
  • Must demonstrate great combat skills, game sense, and teamwork
  • Familiarity with ANZUS & ARMA 3 (Modded Vehicles, Modded Weapons, Combat, etc)

Application Requirements:

  • Must have a good understanding of what CTRG is and what they do.
  • Must follow the application template and cannot edit it in any way
  • Answer every question in the template
  • Your application must be titled *Your desired CTRG name* - CTRG Application
  • If your application has been denied you must wait 30 days before creating a new one.


Matt Darhk - Forum post "CTRG, Explained" - used for article content and images.