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The Kingsmen Motorcycle Club

Bikers Logo.png

Unlike their similar criminal entity counterparts like the Mafia or Gangsters, the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club are a much more openly illegal and anti-authority organisation. As proud members of the 1% Outlaw MCs, they won't hesitate to get down and dirty if crossed. On the other hand, they are still a smart, organised and professional criminal entity with illegal rackets working in the shadows.

When they aren't out fighting the establishment, they can usually be found running their Pawn Shop or Biker Bar up in Snowside.

Pawn Shop

The bikers run the Council Pawn Shop located in Slade Hill. If you're looking to sell off family heirlooms found in your house, or was it someone else's house? Either way the Pawn Shop employees won't ask too many questions about where they came from.

If you're also looking for some extra cash on the side, speak to the staff for ideas.

Fight Club/UFC League

Looking for a fun (and alcohol) filled night? Each week the bikers host a fight night in Slade Hill. Thankfully Rule #1 doesn't apply to this club.

You can either participate in the fights for a chance to win a cash prize, or hedge a bet on your best fighters.